Wednesday, September 29, 2004   Bike Fixed
Aaahh finally the correct part have arrived, Bike Pro people fix it and I’m ready for a ride this Friday. Let me start all over again. I bought my bike on Sept 2003. On April 2004 I noticed a hair line crack on my bike’s swing arm. It was on the top part near the seat stay bearing. After tons of emails the distributor send me the wrong part. That was July! After another round of emails I got it fix. Lets hope it survives 2005!
Kona Swingarm
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Tuesday, September 28, 2004   ITFA 2004 Red Carpet
The International Tamil Film Award was held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia for the second time. I didn’t go to the award ceremony but I went for the pre show. What do they have in the pre show? Cultural shows, games and the red carpet where the celebrity stroll the walkway to the stadium. After weeks of contemplating whether to go or not I finally dragged by lazy ass to Stadium Putra. After carefully studied the tiny map of the location of the stadium in LDP and KESAS highway I decided to drive there instead of taking the KTM commuter and the LRT. Wise choice as the place was not far from my daily commute route to work. Arrived at the stadium at about 4pm. The venue was not packed with people, which is good. I can’t stand crowds! Made my way to the tent where they have the cultural show. The show was entertaining thanks to the host. I can’t remember his name but he was the host of Padam ,Padal Puthir game show, second season over Astro. When I arrived there was this couple dancing for the song ‘Apadi podu’- very energetic and acrobatic. · 16:36 Then there’s the ‘pavakai’ eating competition which looked brutal. Pavakai · 16:40 One of the last year finalist for the Astro Tamil singing competion come to dish out a song with members of audience dancing. Cool audience i should say. Addu Macha · 16:52 Chick RaybanGirl · 16:54 Tango dance competition. It was hilarious. The host joked to a kid ‘Hey man your dancing partner is like your elder sister ok don’t try anything funny’. Then he asked the kid to his mother in the audience where we thought this kid’s mother is. The kid pointed to a woman on the stage. The mother was with another guy in the same dancing competition. Haha! Another guy, short, dark and greasy looks like a truck driver gets to tango with a beautiful girl. He can’t believe his luck. Tango · 17:09 Up next was Lock up with 2 songs. I lost my hearing temporarily because standing close to the loud speakers. LockUp · 17:34 Past Astro finalist for the Astro Tamil singing competion singing Sirichi sirichi from Vasool Raja. She rocks! Sirichi Sirichi Vasool Raja · 17:43 Dance competition for the kids. Some of the kids looked really shy but when the music starts they start dancing automatically. Ingga switch potta, angga light eriathu! Dancing Kids · 18:08 Sasi the Don talked in English and start singing but before his first song finish half the crowd were missing. The stars started to arrive. Sasi the Don · 18:22 Popular supporting actor in Tamil serial Tamil Serial · 18:22 Sridarth Sridarth · 18:22 Sonia Agarwal Sonia Agarwal · 18:23 Boomerangs. All the celebrities like to walk fast which makes it difficult to shoot. Half a dozen security personal around them doesn’t help either. Image Hosted by · 18:24 Huge cheers for Madhavan Madhavan · 18:30 Yugi Sethu with his black bag Image Hosted by · 18:34 Swarnamalia almost went unnoticed Swarnamalia · 18:36 Mr Nagesh. The crowd loves him. By this time the sun almost went south. I was shooting at rapid mode and can’t use the flash because it will slow down the frame rate. I was shooting without actually seeing the stars as I can’t get close enough to the barrier. Nagesh · 18:38 Radhika aka Chitti Radhika · 18:52 Manorama, crowd favourite Manorama · 18:55 It started to drizzle and this kid starts to pull my backpack. I shot her. Kid · 18:58 SJ Surya another fast walker. SJ Surya · 19:05 Simran and husband. Everybody was looking at the husband trying to figure out who is he. Then Simran came from back. The security was super tight. By this time the available light was not enough to produce good pictures. Simran why must you come so late? Image Hosted by · 19:06 Prabu doing the proper greeting. Prabu · 19:13 Frustrated I decided to experiment with flash and I caught Karunas with a DV cam. Elbow room courtesy of people leaving the area heading to the stadium. Karunas 19:30 Remembered I didn’t switch on the lights in my house when I left. My dog will be in the dark alone! Rushed home.
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Thursday, September 23, 2004   Batteries
Yesterday I bought some batteries and I got that slight excitement you get when you bring a new toy home. These batteries are the normal button type and not the rechargeable NiMh batteries. I got the rechargeable already. It funny how cheap batteries can give you that feeling. May be it is caused by the small confusion of actually finding the shop. The shop was bare, no sign what’s so ever. Just a name sign near the elevator lobby but at first we dismiss the shop as a storeroom. I peer into the slightly opened door but can’t identify for sure what they were selling. I opened the door and there were some people inside discussing about batteries. The place looks like they just moved in with goods still in boxes. The sell all kind of batteries for almost all application. I changed the battery of my digital clock. The display now is super black previously it was grey and fading. That got me thinking. I should travel to places I haven’t travel before. Find my way back home with images and sounds. To get that buzz. To recharge my batteries.
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Wednesday, September 22, 2004   Welcome
Welcome to umai padam, enjoy your stay
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